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Chittagong Division ' (Bengali: চট্টগ্রাম) is one of the six administrative divisions of Bangladesh. It covers the most southern areas of the country and is also the second largest one. Chittagong division is surrounded by dhaka and sylhet divisions and Tripura state of India on the north, bay of bengal and Arakan (Myanmar) on the south, Mizoram, Tripura states of India and chin state of Myanmar on the east and Bay of Bengal, barisal and dhaka divisions on the west.


Area: 33,771 sq km, Main City: Chittagong, Population: 23,999,345, Literacy rate: 32.08%

Chittagong division consists following districts

chittagong, cox's bazar, rangamati, bandarban, khagrachhari, feni, lakshmipur, comilla, noakhali, brahmanbaria and chandpur.


Important resources in the area include agricultural products, amenities, and labor.

The chief agricultural products of the Chittagong region are paddy, betel leaf, potato, cotton, tea, peanut, mustard, patol (heap), brinjal, ginger, bean and other vegetables. The area also provides substantial amount of the nation's fruits including but not limited to mango, jackfruit, pineapple guava, coconut, betel nut, litchi, banana, papaya, water melon and lemon. Agriculture provides 57% of the division's revenues.

Another important resource of the division is the production of hydroelectric power dams. These dams provide almost all of the country's power supply. The fast streams of the river Karnafuli is used to run the motors of the hydroelectric power dam. However, being a land of low elevation, the dams do not provide adequate power for the 131 million people of Bangladesh.

The city of Chittagong is a very prominent port and is also Bangladesh's largest one. All large-scale maritime trading of the nation goes through Chittagong. Important goods include textiles from the U.S. and Europe which are made into garments by the labor force of Bangladesh. Another important commodity is seafood such as shrimp which are exported to European countries like France and England. These important commodities make Chittagong a very thriving and industrious city.

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